Agility Classes

Agility Classes

WoofBeach Cove – Agility Classes – 462 North Park Boulevard – Suite 100 – Glen Ellyn – Call 630-315-0600

If you’re looking for a fun way to enhance the bond you have with your dog while also promoting good canine health, Dog Agility Training Classes at WoofBeach Cove in Glen Ellyn is the solution.

Basically, agility training is basically a dog activity where a trained handler guides the animal through a series of challenging obstacles. This popular program can benefit your furry pal – and you’ll find it enjoyable too!

Agility training boosts a dog’s confidence and their natural instincts. In a wilderness setting, dogs must chase their prey for survival, which can mean chasing after a rabbit on winding forest trail, jumping over fallen trees and branches, running down hills or finessing through tangled brush. Our professionally designed Dog Agility Training courses replicate these sorts of obstacles and fulfill a dog’s natural desire to hunt for prey.

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