Rally Obedience

Rally Obedience

WoofBeach Cove – Rally Obedience – 462 North Park Boulevard – Suite 100 – Glen Ellyn – Call 630-315-0600

Among the more recent canine sports from the American Kennel Club, Rally is based upon the dog’s ability to successfully obey commands and perform specific tasks. Without a doubt, it is a fun activity for both dogs and their owners, with participation in the sport increasing annually. Whether you’d like to participate in Rally for fun or for competition, it’s a great work to develop teamwork with your pup!

In Rally Obedience, dogs and their handlers move through a course consisting of ten to twenty signs. Every sign will display a task for the dog to perform like sit, stay or down. Working together, the dog and their handler should display enthusiasm and teamwork as they complete the course.

Rally Obedience classes at WoofBeach Cove is an enjoyable way to develop your dog’s ability to focus while you learn something challenging together!

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