Puppy Socialization Classes

Puppy Socialization Classes

WoofBeach Cove – Puppy Socialization Classes – 462 North Park Boulevard – Suite 100 – Glen Ellyn – Call 630-315-0600

Have you recently welcomed a new furry, four-legged friend into your household? Considering enrolling your new family member in our Puppy Socialization classes right here at WoofBeach Cove in Glen Ellyn!

Socializing for puppies basically means effectively teaching them proper, safe behaviors when they are around other dogs and other people. Socialization is essential for helping your puppy be at ease and manageable when in a new environment.

The first six months of your new puppy’s life is, without a doubt, a critical stage in their development. Teaching your puppy socialization with other animals will create a relaxed, well-behaved and generally safer dog. When your puppy is confident and comfortable in a range of different situations, he will be much less likely to become aggressive. In Puppy Socialization classes, your pup will enjoy playtime with other dogs under the watchful supervision of our experience dog trainers.

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