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Booking regular professional Dog Grooming Near Me Glen Ellyn IL will you’re your pet smelling and looking good. In addition, grooming is valuable to their general health and wellness.

-Consistent grooming allows our groomers to detect any bumps, wounds or signs of infections on your dog’s skin or ears. This will place you in a good position to act promptly to prevent health issues from getting worse. Without a doubt, this is among the top benefits of regular grooming for dogs.

If, for example, your dog has a skin condition, a dog groomer may apply the most appropriate products to treat it. Additionally, you’ll save time and hassle by having our staff groom your dog here at WoofBeach Cove.

With respect to ear infections, dog groomers typically suggest that owners take their pet to the vet. This ensures accurate identification and treatment of the ear infection.

-Nail trimming. Overgrown nails can lead in a number of problems for dogs. For example, they can cause discomfort while your dog walks or runs. As a result, it can alter how your pet walks and possibly lead to arthritis.

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Dogs generally should get a nail trimming about once per month. For many dog owners, trimming their pet’s nails is not a task they look forward to. Particularly if they cut the nails a little too short. Experienced groomers know how to put your canine pal at ease and cut their nails to a healthy length.

Also, nail trimming will help prevent an uncomfortable condition where nails grow around into your dog’s foot pads. Nail trimming provides a close look at your pet’s feet. This enables the groomer to check for cracks in the paw pads or other problems.

-Proper coat care. Lack of grooming can lead to areas of matted fur on your dog’s coat. Consequently, those tangled areas pull at the skin and cause discomfort.

So if your pet has a fine or curly fur coat, it is essential to check for mats. Gradually, mats might result in sores or provide hiding spots for ticks and fleas. To prevent this, regular Dog Grooming Near Me Glen Ellyn IL is very effective.

Grooming helps reduce shedding, and also removes dander and any loose fur during the process. Plus, your pet will look stylish with their look!

-We use the best equipment and products for Dog Grooming Near Me Glen Ellyn IL. Just like their owners, dogs also have unique bathing and grooming needs. For instance, canines with longer hair will typically require different grooming products than dogs with shorter hair. Professional dog groomers only use grooming supplies suitable to your pet to prevent risk of irritation.

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In general, winter is the time of the year when a lot of wild animals hide themselves away. However, not all creatures choose to hide from the snow and cold. Skunks, for example, follow a somewhat different schedule. In fact, their mating season typically runs from February through March. As a result, that’s the time of year when its most likely that dogs may encounter – and be sprayed by – skunks.

While it’s certainly an unpleasant experience for a dog, being sprayed by a skunk doesn’t pose a serious danger. However, with the right preparation, it can be quite stressful for dog owners. On this post, we’ll present some helpful tips for eliminating that powerful skunk smell from your canine companion. In the event a skunk sprays your pet, remain calm and prepare to remedy the problem. Without treating it, that pungent odor can last for as long as two weeks or even longer. Follow these steps as soon as possible to help your pet:

-Do not give your dog a bath immediately. Understandably, a pet owner’s first instinct is often to start bathing their dog right away after a skunk encounter. However, bathing a dog without the right de-skunking products may actually make it harder to removal the skunk smell from your dog’s fur coat.

-Keep your dog outside. Encountering a skunk may leave your dog a little shaken up. However, try to keep him or her outside while you prepare them for a bath.
This is critical for keeping the skunk smell from getting into your home and transferring onto furniture and other surfaces.

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-Stock up on de-skunking products. There are a number of specialty shampoos that are effective for eliminating that skunk odor. (Ask your dog groomer at WoofBeach for a recommendation.) These quality products are specifically made to break down the oils in skunk spray rather than cover the odor temporarily.

In the event you do not have de-skunking shampoo readily available, there’s no need to panic. You can put together a homemade solution until you’re able to get the shampoo. Simply create a DIY mixture of:
-One quart of three percent hydrogen peroxide.
-One-third cup of baking soda.
-A teaspoon of liquid dishwasher soap.
-Wherever you store your other pet supplies, be sure to have some bath supplies on hand. Along with the de-skunking shampoo, store some gloves, washcloth and a few towels. Also, stock up on your dog’s regular bathing supplies.

-Identify where the skunk sprayed your dog and treat that area first. Usually, this will be on the dog’s face or their hindquarters.
-Carefully apply the bathing products to your dog. Take care to avoid your pet’s eyes. Soak the coat in the areas where he or she was sprayed. If the skunk sprayed your dog in the face, soak a cloth with the de-skunking shampoo. Then, rub it onto their muzzle rather than spray it onto their face. Massage the shampoo thoroughly into your dog’s coat. Let it sit for about five minutes. Wear your gloves to prevent the skunk odor from getting onto your hands. This is particularly important because it can be difficult to remove the oils within the skunk spray from your skin.

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-After about five minutes, thoroughly rinse the shampoo from your pet’s coat. Most de-skunking products advise letting the shampoo sit for five minutes. However, consult the label for instructions. If your dog starts getting antsy,
try to occupy him or her with a treat or toy.
-Next, it’s time to bathe your furry pal with a standard dog shampoo.
-Afterward this follow-up shampooing, thoroughly dry off your dog. You’ll want to keep your dog outside still during this stage.
-Repeat as necessary. In the event your dog still smells of skunk spray the following day, you might need to go through the process again. However, bathing your pet too much can result in discomfort. To avoid that, be sure to properly clean other items within your home that your pet may have contacted. For instance, pet toys, bedding or furniture.

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