Group Obedience Training Classes

Group Obedience Training Classes

WoofBeach Cove – Group Obedience Training Classes – 462 North Park Boulevard – Suite 100 – Glen Ellyn – Call 630-315-0600

Just a few of the benefits to enrolling your dog in Group Obedience Training Class at WoofBeach Cove include:

-Gain better control. Standard commands all dogs should understand include sit, stay, come, leave it and drop it. These basics help you control your dog as he or she encounters various situations. Plus, they will help keep your pet safe and easier to control. Group Obedience Training instructs dogs how to greet people as well as other dogs in a calm manner.

-Trained dogs are safer dogs. Even a well-behaved dog can run when frightened. A dog that will come to you when called can make all the difference in a hazardous situation such as running in front of an approaching vehicle or running out the door in a thunderstorm or in dangerous weather. Understanding the “stop” and “wait” commands is also helpful here.

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